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Hyfve Faux Leather Jacket (S-L)

Hyfve Faux Leather Jacket (S-L)

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This is a total Fashion Jacket for all of you #Pleather Lovers! We love its classy shine, worn open it is very clean total going out vibes, when worn closed & zipped resembles more of a bikers jacket in our opinion (oooh versatile!) The jacket itself is very light in weight, perfect for any of those on the go girls! Easy to care for as well, you can clean easy with just a damp cloth! <3

(Available in sizes S-L)

#Pleather #FauxLeatherJacket #WomensLeatherJackets #Scandalous #Biker #Street #Classy #Sassy #AndEverythingInBetween 

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