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Come as You Are Pink Tie Dye Tee (S-XL)

Come as You Are Pink Tie Dye Tee (S-XL)

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These vintage wash pink tie dye tees just dropped! Are you ready for maximum comfort and an awesome unmatched vibe from your tee shirt? :) Featuring a peace sign and awesome insignia “Come as you Are” text along its right chest. Its back side features some awesome images of a mystical skeleton, a dagger, sun, peace sign, as well as the script “As above, so below.” Cali vibes meets PNW for sure! We thought about even cutting the sleeves off and making these into some dope tank tops! Also just a reminder that on Wednesday's we wear pink! ;)

(Available in Sizes: S-XL).

Material: 100% Cotton

How Does it Fit? This tee has a more athletic fit, which means it will hug on your body a little snugger than a standard size T-shirt. 

FC Recommended Wash & Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Wash on Cold/Cold Delicate or Normal wash cycle. You may Hang Dry, Air Dry, or Tumble Dry on Low Heat.

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